Oxemberg Men Slim Fit Solid Formal Shirt

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Garment Care Instructions

Below are some tips we strongly recommend to prolong your custom-made outfit's life span and wearability.

Storing your sportcoats and trousers correctly directly relates to how they perform. It is important to hang them with ample space between so they can breathe, release moisture, and recover. Not wearing them multiple days in a row will also aid in the recovery process.

Use quality hangers such as cedarwood. These will help maintain the shape and integrity of each garment while warding off moisture accumulation and moths. To further reduce stress on garment seams, store all sportcoats unbuttoned and trousers unzipped.

Just as we do not suggest dry cleaning for our shirts, we do not suggest it more than once a year for our jackets and only slightly more frequently for trousers since they can show wear more readily. If you feel you must use a dry cleaner, be sure to do your research and find a reputable one whom you can trust. We recommend that you wash cotton trousers in cold water and hang to dry. For wrinkled garments, we suggest having them pressed instead of dry cleaned. You can maintain cleanliness of the products by routinely cleaning them with a clothing brush to remove dust and debris.